The farm Falkenhorst

Our Farm, Falkenhorst, is situated 250km south of Windhoek in the rugged landscape of the “Swartrand”. This harsh and rocky landscape is the original and natural home to the famous Namibian Gemsbok and the Namib Desert Springbuck.


In earlier times, great herds of antelopes roamed freely through the wide open savannahs between the Namib Desert in the West and the well-known Kalahari Desert in the East. Today this part of Namibia is still home to a remarkable variety and countless numbers of plains game.

Antelopes cover great distances on their search for grazing and water and are normally spotted very far away in these open plains. Therefore, it requires great skill from both, the hunting guide and his hunter, to hunt successfully in this habitat. Here it is definitely the genuine hunter’s instinct and intuitive thinking that rewards him with a good trophy and an unforgettable hunting experience! (AF)